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"Cowboys to your Auto Rescue"

Maintenance, repair, transmission, emissions tips

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Helpful Info!!

At cowboy up we offer all manufacture recommended maintenance including transmission and emission servicing. We can provide full services or if you prefer to make a custom service we can accommodate that. Many services can be packaged in order to receive a package price so be sure to ask about package maintenance services. We strive for leaving each and every customer and there vehicle in a much happier condition than when your car arrived.


As we all know brakes are the most important aspect to a vehicles safety so don't get behind on the service.

Have us inspect your brake system and we will only recommend parts that need replaced as a no pressure guarantee(call for details).


As with all of our maintenance services you chose what gets done.

We have two per-packaged tune up packages:

  • Basic tune up
  • Comprehensive tune up - Emissions readiness service

We have the tools to increase likely hood of emissions readiness and the experience and equipment to have your car running properly.

We provide full computer diagnostics, engine repair and rebuild. Engine rebuild comes with 3 year/100000 mile warranty.

A tune up is very pertinent in the smooth operation of any vehicle. Just like an oil change; not keeping up with a your maintenance can lead to larger costly issues down the road.


Your brake system includes many aspects. Maintaining your brakes is one of the most important aspects of vehicle care. Without brakes your car will be unable to stop, resulting in an accident. Surprisingly, with Cowboy-Up the cost of brake repair and maintenance is lower than you may think. By paying attention to the behavior of your vehicle, you can solve brake problems before they get costly, and dangerous.

Used car inspections: Are you looking to buy a used car. Call us out to view your top choices even if they are in different locations we can view 1 car or as many as needed. We will inspect all aspects of the vehicle and include a car-fax report if requested. Don't get stuck with a lemon.


Sensors and more: We have the tools to test most sensors and many other jobs. We not only service and test 0BD2 (Newer than 95) but we also service vehicles older than 95 (obd). Contact us with your questions.


we service all mechanical issues including steering and suspension and electrical issues. don't wait till the last minute call us so we can make sure you vehicle is running safely and efficiently. A small mechanical issue can affect more than the drive-ability but also the fuel economy.


Many malfunctions in a vehicle can be diagnosed to electrical problems. Electrical systems are what make the vehicle operate properly. An electrical problem can be anything from fuses and sensors to belts and starting system.  We have the tools to determine the fault: weather its a faulty fuse or sensor, or its a bad alternator or sensor we can solve your problem.